Marigold Top
Marigold Top

Marigold Top

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Cropped Sweater printed with onion sikin pigments using the Shibori technique on Organic Cotton

NOTE: Each piece is unique, unpredictable and imperfect. No pattern is 100% the same as another. They share the same essence and botanical colors, but each garment is different from the other, and that is the magic of wearing nature.

Nature moves, changes and evolves over time, the same happens with natural dyes. The special thing about this type of material is that you can see how it changes, and with love and respect you can maintain it.

Here you have the care guide so that the natural dye is maintained as long as possible

Wash with cold water
Use neutral pH soap (The easiest to get is coconut, soft, baby or walnut)
Natural dyes are sensitive to sunlight and this can deteriorate over time. Hanging dry and in the shade.
Don't rub. If you want your pieces to be very dry, simply spread them out nicely when you hang them
Color imperfections are normal as this garment is dyed using a natural, non-toxic process.

The duration of the color depends on the aforementioned care.

NOTE: We make 100% personalized orders to suit you and with the option of choosing the fiber (silk, linen or cotton) and the type of print. Call +57(304-377-0386)


“Each piece is
connected to
a living being,
to knowledge and
higher wisdom”